Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sikh Wedding Zoetry Punta Cana

Sikh Wedding Zoetry Punta Cana Dominican Republic, Uverto Alto Beach

Zoetry Resort is a new higher end Resort in the Punta Cana Dominican Republic, Uverto Alto Beach region.

The resort has a small outdoor gazebo

Gazebo Sikh Wedding Zoetry Punta Cana

 and a great indoor gazebo for weddings that overlooks the beach

Beach Sikh Wedding Zoetry Punta Cana

Sikh Wedding  Gazebo Zoetry Punta Cana

Tent weddings are also possible at this resort

Tent Sikh Wedding Zoetry Punta Cana

Anand Karaj Destination Sikh Wedding Zoetry Punta Cana

Destination Sikh Wedding Zoetry Punta Cana

Milnee Ardas Sikh Wedding Zoetry Punta Cana

Contact us for more info on Zoetry and Sikh Weddings Here

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Iinterfaith Sikh Wedding Service Asian Weddings at Destinations

Fear and the Sikh Wedding Service for Interfaith Multiracial Couples

Are you a Sikh in love with someone who has a different way of worshiping the Divine?

We know the fears and obstacles that are involved in creating an Interfaith Sikh Wedding and can help you through the process.  Love and Hope are the cornerstone of being a SIKH!.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sikh Wedding Destination Punta Cana Dominican Republic

Punta Cana can be an Ideal Destination for Sikh Weddings in the Dominican Republic - Caribbean Weddings

Destination Sikh Weddings are extremely popular in the Punta Cana region. What makes this destination superb?
  • Pristine Sandy white beaches with breathtaking sunsets and sunrises.

Beach Sikh Wedding Punta Cana

  • All inclusive Resorts that provide various levels of choices and  Gazebo Sikh Weddings.

Sikh Wedding Majestic Colonial Punta Cana

  • Some resorts offer 'On the beach weddings', but these can be a daunting task as the elements of sun, heat, wind, sand and rain can play havoc.  We highly recommend that everyone including the bride, groom, guests and officiants be fully covered for the entire ceremony.  A proper tent is recommended over sheer coverings.

Sikh Wedding on the Beach Hard Rock Punta Cana

Dr. Freedom Singh and Leela have first hand experience conducting destination weddings in Punta Cana. See how they can help you create your perfect Anand Karaj.

Sikh Wedding Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Album

Sikh Wedding Testimonial Punta Cana, Groom's Parents

Sikh wedding Testimonial Punta Cana, Bridal Couple
Sikh Wedding Punta Cana

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sikh Interfaith Weddings Anand Karaj MultiRacial Couples on the Increase in Canada

Sikh Interfaith Weddings  and the Anand Karaj conjures up emotional responses

Yes, Interfaith weddings between Sikh's & Hindus and Sikhs & Muslims were common practice before the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan.  This was one way to way join and keep peace between neighbors.

Today in most part of the world Multi Racial weddings are on the rise and Canadians seem to be the most advanced and tolerant in their thinking.

Obviously, the 'Traditionalist' or the keepers of the Culture, Tradition, Faith and Gene pool are not jumping with joy but most families have one family member who has jumped ship and grown wings - living with a Multiracial companion.

Marrying and Living with a partner from another race still brings the same challenges as marring someone from your own culture. the beauty is that parental and extended family pressures  are VERY different.

Interfaith Sikh Wedding, Multiracial Sikh Wedding, Sikh Wedding Canada, Sikh Mixed marriage

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sikh Wedding Gazebo Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Gorgeous Location - Sikh Wedding Gazebo Barcelo Maya PalaceRiviera Maya, Mexico

Factors to Consider when having a Gazebo Wedding at Barcelo, Mexico:
  • Protection from the sun or from possible rain showers - proper covering of the bride and groom, Sikh Officiants  and ALL guests.  Opt for a thicker colored fabric instead of clear white shear.
  • Consider the extra use of Beach Patio Umbrellas and Fans to circulate the air - it can get unbearably hot, not a pleasant experience.
  • Make sure you bring extra Ramals/Kerchiefs for ALL your guests, and for staff and helpers - it is common to not have enough.
  • Try to start the wedding by 9 am to avoid excessive heat.  This means have the Bharat at 8 am in the Barcelo Palace  Lobby in the A/C.
  • Do not spend excessive time taking pre-wedding pictures, plan these for after the wedding. 
  • Avoid serving a meal/snack for the Milnee so the wedding starts and finishes before it gets really HOT.
  • Dress appropriately for hot weather conditions.  Wear sun protection, sun glasses and drink plenty of water.
  • Consider chair seating for elder and disabled guests.
  • There are always delays of some form that the bride experiences in getting from her room to the Wedding Gazebo, plan for this.

Sikh Wedding Barceló Riviera Maya Palace

Barceló Maya Palace Deluxe Sikh Wedding

Tropical Barceló Sikh Wedding Riviera Maya

Barceló Riviera Maya Beach Sikh Wedding Mexico

Sikh Wedding priest Barceló Riviera Maya Palace Sikh Wedding

Wedding Gazebo Indian Wedding Barceló Riviera Maya Palace Sikh Wedding

Riviera Maya Barcelo Resort Palace Sikh WeddingSikh priest Barceló Riviera Maya Palace Sikh Wedding Officiant

anand kaarj Barceló Riviera Maya Palace Sikh Wedding
Caribe Barceló Riviera Maya Palace Sikh Wedding ceremony Priest

Palace Gazebo Wedding Barceló Riviera Maya  Sikh Wedding

Barceló Riviera Maya Palace Sikh Wedding Priest Cancun Mexico

Latin Asia Barceló Riviera Maya Palace Sikh Wedding

You will be in trusted, reliable and experienced hands with these two as they are well aware of how to setup the decor and handle logistics for a Destination Sikh Wedding at Barcelo, Riviera Maya, Mexico.Contact: Head Wedding Coordinator at Barcelo, Riviera Maya, Mexico 

Alejandra Carrillo - Gerente de Bodas

Contact: Saku or Joseline with LatinAsia for decor

Dr. Singh and Leela, Sikh officiants for Destination weddings frequently conduct weddings in Mexico and the Caribbean region.  See how they can assist you for your upcoming wedding. Contact them HERE .

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Why Choose a Tent for Your Sikh Wedding on the Beach

Use a TENT for a Beach Destination Sikh Wedding

If you are planning to have your Destination Sikh Wedding directly on a sandy beach you may want to consider these factors!

Over the years we have conducted several Destination Sikh Weddings directly on the beach and near the beach.  We are bringing this to your attention after having hundreds of guests comment that they really wanted to sit through and enjoy a spiritual experience, but were struggling with the heat - in a state of bliss and agony at the same time. As Destination Sikh Officiants, our goal is to create an unforgettable, spiritual, joyous Anand Karaj in a most exquisite natural setting. 

Destination wedding pictures can look IDYLLIC but  the interplay of elements during an outdoor wedding ceremony do not truly reflect the inherent reality of the moment. Typically guests will be at a ceremony for approximately 2 HOURS from the time they arrive till they leave.  This can be very TASKING in ANY location considering the guests are of all ages and needs.

Sikh Wedding on Beach Riviera Maya

Factors you MUST consider when having a Beach Ceremony.

1. Sun / Heat
2. Wind
3. Sand
4. Rain

In the Cancun Riviera Maya region, the ideal Decor Vendor to contact for your Sikh Destination Gazebo, Outdoor, or Beach wedding is Latin Asia. Saku and her team have a beautiful sturdy tent, numerous options and ideas. They are reliable, punctual, and professional. You may reach them at:

Sikh Wedding Barcelo Riviera Maya

A TENT versus Sheer Covering?
A sturdy tent  may not have been on your Destination Wedding list but this is something we strongly and HIGHLY Recommend.  Sheer covering LOOKS beautiful on images but the couple and guests end up 'struggling' through the ceremony since the sheer fabric  scarcely protects attendees from the heat.  Because of this, guests literally can't wait for the ceremony to end!  

The tent may be a Slightly pricey option - Below are some Benefits of Using a Tent:

1. You won't have to anxiously look at the weather report weeks before in case of rain.
2. The scriptures, Guru Granth Sahib ji, won't be disrespectfully jeopardized by getting wet or having the scripture pages or Rumalas blowing around with the wind.
3. The guests and wedding couple will be FULLY covered from the SUN and HEAT ( a relief from the blistering sun).
4. Your pictures will turn out better since you won't be constantly suffering, sweating, and squinting.
5. You will not have to walk on a  burning hot surface or walk in the direct sun during the Lavan. 
6. The person sitting at the altar waving the Chaur won't be dying from the heat.
7. You can have some comfortable respectful chair seating for the elderly in the tent.
8. The sound system and instruments will not stop or malfunction due to sun, sand, or rain.
9. You will NOT feel rushed to quickly finish the ceremony (a common disappointment  we hear from guests).

Below is a sequence of images of a TENT Setup on a Beach Sikh Wedding in Mexico

 Setting up the TENT a day before

Sikh Wedding Beach Riviera Maya Mexico

Beach Sikh Wedding Riviera Maya

The final touches before the Guests Arrive

Tent beach Wedding h Riviera Maya mexico

Ready for the Anand Karaj

Sikh Wedding on Beach Riviera Maya Outdoor Tent Wedding

Beach tTnt Sikh Wedding on Beach Cancun mexico

The Beautiful Sea and Beach Backdrop

Sikh destination Wedding on Beach Riviera Maya mexico

The Anand Karaj Ceremony in a TENT on the Beach

cancun Sikh Wedding Outdoor tent  Beach Riviera Maya


Sheer Covering for Outdoor or Beach Weddings
Since you are already investing thousands of dollars and months of time into your dream wedding, may we suggest you use the Sheer Covering Option as your LAST choice, NOT YOUR FIRST.

If you decide to go with sheer covering you may want to consider OPAQUE SOLID colored fabric as it will provide stronger protection; and additionally use LARGE BEACH UMBRELLAS that guests can huddle under. Be aware that the sun is constantly moving so the shaded area will be ever changing.

There is another option of having your ceremony after 5 pm close to sunset, the weather is very mild and you get the most amazing pictures.  Although Sikhs have been passing along a 'traditional folklore' that the Anand Karaj must take place before noon, but there is nothing mentioned in the scriptures of such a requirement.  In this case a sheer covering may be sufficient.  If you are open about a destination wedding you may want to consider a Sunset Wedding.  


Beach sikh Wedding Cancun Riviera Maya


Anand Karaj Sikh Wedding on Beach Riviera Maya Mexico


Sikh Wedding on Beach  Barcelo Riviera Maya


Outdoor Sikh Wedding on Beach Paradisus Melia Riviera Maya


Sikh Wedding Palace Gazebo  bBrcelo Riviera Maya Mexico

Or Use Several Smaller TENTS

Outdoor tent Gazebo Sikh Wedding

If you do use a TENT, Consider covering ALL the Guests not just a few Lucky Ones

Outdoor Sikh Wedding with tent in Seattle

Note Below how BEACH UMBRELLAS will provide Intermittent Shade 

Rooftop Sikh Wedding on Beach Azul Fives Riviera Maya

Note: The Couple Below were in the SUN for the ENTIRE Ceremony
Tent Sikh Wedding Seattle

tent sikh wedding, interfaith destination wedding

Another Option is to use TENTS along with Sheers

Destination Sikh Wedding Jamica

If you Would like to Inquire about a Destination Sikh Wedding Please Contact Us!
We are Here to Help You in Your Quest for the Most Memorable Destination Wedding

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