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Sikh Wedding Ceremony LAAVAN Understand what they mean TODAY

Sikh Wedding  4 Laavan Anand Karaj Agreements - Sikh Wedding Priest for Fusion Sikh Wedding Ceremony  simple, engaging and sincere…

The  4 Four Sikh Wedding Lavaan's are a spiritual and mystical experiences written in poetic format that are  often loosely translated without any personal experience. They are expressions or stages that an individual may journey or progress into Self Realization and eventually Understanding of GOD Consciousness  - uniting into the Oneness of the Universal Consciousness
In our present day these mystical passages are used for the Sikh Wedding Ceremony or Anand Karaj (Ceremony of Bliss). These writings are used ‘out of context’ especially in light of the deeper and profound message revealed in the Lavaan.  At a Sikh Wedding Ceremony today, the Lavaan are used as a symbolic physical "marriage between husband & wife "  and not for an initiation of a spiritual journey as they were intended to be explored.

Sikh Wedding Laavan 4 Agreements

Interpreting all the 4 Lavaans. with spiritual context in mind, one sees that these are four paths or stages  designed for awareness of greater  spiritual attainment and realization, not simple 4 rounds of physically unity to recited and sung at a ceremony.

Having said this, it is fantastic to be able to use the songs  of the Lavaan as a Sacred text for spiritual guidance, as a precious nuggets to explore ways to also make a physical marriage of  “living as a couple more Peaceful, Unified and full of Bliss”

Here is a brief overview of Interpretations of the 4 Laavan Agreements that will assist  you in making your life after the marriage ceremony more practical, manageable and Blissful.

•           First Laav:   Practice meditation to overcome pain and negative suffering. The state of  Blissfulness is a steady and gentle process, cultivate it with progressive conviction.
•           Second Laav:  Learn to be free of Fear, overcome your separation from Oneness of All. Practice to hear the Universal Song everywhere outside and within.
•           Third Laav:  Sharing  positive dialogue and abundant love with others will invoke the opening of  hearts with all you meet.
•           Fourth Laav:  Experience the stillness of your peaceful and still mind.  When your heart blossoms with love and light you will also illuminate others all around you.

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Anand Karaj Lavaan

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How to make Sikh Wedding Ceremony Spiritual Serene and Engaging

Making your Sikh Wedding Ceremony Special

Consider the following to make the Sikh Wedding special and unique for you:

1. Have a Bilingual English Punjabi program
2. Make sure the congregation is comfortable in their seating
3. Keep the service to less then 1 hour enter/exit time
4. Have pleasant, simple and sweet singing with a pleasant sound system
5. Keep the Shabads/Chants simple
6. Once the couple are seated in front of the altar avoid any movement in congregation
7. Have moment of meditation
8. Avoid having small children running around
9. Translate the Service as it happens
10. Keep it Short and Simple

Sikh Jewish Wedding Images Boston Sikh Wedding

Images of Sikh Jewish Wedding in Boston MA USA

Interfaith Sikh Jewish Wedding Boston Aug 16th 2014

Interfaith Sikh Jewish Wedding  Boston Aug 16th 2014 at Langham Hotel

Yes it can be easy engaging and spiritual. an Interfaith Jewish Sikh Wedding is possible despite what they say.
Sikh Wedding Interfaith Jewish Sikh Boston

Sikh Wedding Rituals

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Sikh Wedding Priest New York Times

Dr. Freedom  Sikh Wedding Ceremony  Priest New York Times

Sikh Wedding in Boston 2014.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sikh Wedding Boston MA Jewish Sikh Wedding Langham Hotel

Jewish Sikh Interfaith Wedding in Boston, MA, USA

What a blissful moment when humans can come together and share love and oneness  at a Sikh interfaith Spiritual Wedding at Langham Hotel Boston 2014.

Sikh Jewish Wedding Boston, MA 2014

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