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Intercultural weddings are on the rise in Canada since 2002

Intercultural weddings are on the rise in Canada 
Intercultural weddings are on the rise in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, in one-third of marriages in 2002, the bride, the groom, or both were born outside the country. Payal Mirchandani, the CEO of, started the company nearly three years ago, when she saw the need for a wedding resource that caters to all sorts of different cultures. Amy Hopkins, Wedding Guru's manager of business development and events, says almost every wedding they do is multicultural. So far, they've done Chinese-Indian, Canadian-Chinese, and Indian-Indian weddings, to name a few, and they have a Swiss-Chinese wedding coming up in November. They haven't experienced any major cultural faux-pas yet, though at an Indian-Sikh wedding they organized, a man who was unaware he was doing anything wrong walked right through a sacred temple area with his shoes onagainst tradition–and caused an uproar. “People were ready to punch him,” says Hopkins, ” and the priest was freaking out.”
The company offers two types of services: free resources and wedding tools online, and a wedding planning division for which they charge anywhere from $500 into the thousands, depending on the client's needs. For people looking to get married outside of Canada, Wedding Guru has partnered with companies in Grand Cayman and India to offer all-inclusive weddings. With resources like these, there's no excuse for offending the traditionalists in your family. Or, for that matter, for losing your favourite tie.

Indian Couple has 4 Wedding ceremonies sequentially

Indian Couple has 4 Wedding ceremonies sequentially

Four religions, one wedding; Haryana couple an icon of secularism
CHANDIGARH: A newly wed couple here has become overnight celebrity after they got married four times - according to Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian rites.

It was their way of healing the scars caused by the sectarian riots in Gujarat last year and demonstrating that most Indians were essentially secular.

"I thought about getting married according to Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian rites just after the Gujarat riots," said the beaming 27-year-old groom, Ajay Kwatra.

"Marriage is one of the most important events in a couple's life. I wanted to spread the message of peace, brotherhood and communal harmony," added Kwatra, a Delhi-based fashion photographer.

His wife Manisha, 26, was initially hesitant but agreed when Ajay patiently explained the reasons to her.

The event has also made it to the Limca Book of World Records, the Indian Guinness.

"This is the first time in the world a couple had got married according to Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Sikh rites. It will certainly be mentioned in our next edition," V.V.R. Murty, marketing manager of the Limca Book of World Records, who attended the ceremony, told IANS.

The marriage, which took place Monday, was quite an event.

First, Pandit Dataram Mishra conducted it according to Hindu rites with Manisha appropriately dressed in a glittering maroon embroidered lehnga, or flowing skirt, and Ajay in a cream suit. This ended with Ajay applying vermilion on Manisha's forehead.

The couple quickly changed and appeared before Hafiz Mohammad Umar for the 'nikaah', or wedding ceremony, according to Muslim rights. 

For this, Manisha wore a bright red salwar kameez and Ajay a cream sherwani, complete with cap and red scarf.

With a green cloth separating the couple, the Muslim cleric asked Manisha for her consent and she replied in the affirmative: "Qabool hai (I do)".

Then came the turn of the Sikh priest, Giani Gurdeo Singh.

Manisha covered her head while Ajay wore a red turban as they went around the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh holy scripture, four times amidst chanting by the priest.

Next, Father G. Samuel of Faith Baptist Church led Manisha, dressed in a white gown and bonnet, and Ajay in exchanging marriage vows and rings.

Manisha got to know about Ajay's unique idea just a week before the wedding.

"It was only seven days before our marriage that he told me his plans. I was not only shocked but also confused. Then he convinced me and I agreed. After all, we are first human beings then Hindus, Muslims, Christians or Sikhs."

Both belong to conservative Hindu families and their parents too were initially taken aback at Ajay's plans.

Said Prem Kwatra, Ajay's father: "I initially opposed the idea. But when Ajay asked me whether as a physician, I discriminated while treating patients because of their religion, I understood his point. We believe in humanity." In all this, the couple have kept their honeymoon destination secret.

"We do not want the media to follow us. We want some privacy," explained Ajay. 

Karaj Campaign - Sikh community to put a stop to outer-faith marriages????

If you want have a Sikh Wedding your way we are here for you.

The Karaj Campaign has been organized for the Sikh community to put a stop to outer-faith marriages taking place at the gurdwara. DO NOT be intimidated by these tight opinions of separation.

Obviously one of these sweet souls will find love outside their tradition, that is how life is.

Opinions on Interfaith Sikh marriages on SikhCHIC

Check out Opinions on  Interfaith Sikh marriages on SikhCHIC

5   The result: like the young in all other communities around the globe, our young men and women too are sometimes turning to those outside the Sikh community for their marriage partners. This is a fact of life and it will not go away simply because we would like it to go away.

Sikh Wedding Minister

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11 things at a Sikh Temple Wedding.....

The Difference between Sikh temple and Destination Sikh Weddings

“If you're attending a Sikh wedding anytime soon, all the attention is focused around the main ceremony. Here are Chaudhry's 11 etiquette tips for attending a Sikh wedding:”

You do have choices and this article discusses cookie cutter choices at the Sikh Temple and I promise you Destination Sikh Weddings are a lot more flexible.

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5 Factors to consider when having a Destination Fusion Sikh Wedding

 Destination Fusion Sikh Wedding What to consider

1. Have arrangements been made for Head-Coverings
2.  Are guests aware they will be sitting on the floor for approx. ONE hour they may want to bring a cushion.
3. Shoes are removed, if wearing socks wear clean ones
4. Seek alternative plans for Parshaad like dried fruit/nuts
5.  Keep the service in a bilingual format if guest are from different ethnicities

Cross Cultural Wedding with a new twist

With our increasingly global society, more and more weddings have become a fusion of cultures -- individual celebrations celebrating the ethnicities of both bride and groom, wherever they may be from.

Another successful cross-cultural wedding experience occurred in San Francisco, at the officers club at the Presidio, the former military base near the Golden Gate. The groom -- half Catholic, half Jewish, wed his fully Sikh bride in a warm, wacky ceremony he dubbed "My Big, Fat Sikh Wedding."

Punjabi Sikh Wedding

Sikh Fusion Wedding Sikh and Jewish Cross-Cultural Weddings on the rise

Sikh Fusion Weddings in USA and Canada

There is a constant rise in Sikh Fusion Weddings in North America. Why the sudden increase? Couples are becoming more educated and financially self sufficient to fund their own weddings with the  partner they love.  They go beyond the tradition of Caste, Village and "Apna-ness". When you read the essence of Sikh Scriptures, all are created b the ONE and Equal so why this disparity? 

Sikh Fusion Weddings

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