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Portraits of mixed race couples in Vancouver Canada

Visit Portraits of mixed race couples in Canada

See the colours and cross section of Canadians.
Statistics say we’re pretty colour-blind in Metro Vancouver. About 8.5 per cent of couples in the Lower Mainland are in mixed unions — more than double the national figure of four per cent.

Secret Wedding Blog in UK Multicultural Weddings

Secret Wedding Blog in UK

Just cam across this blog and suggest you visit athis page by Raj at:

I love weddings, all kinds of weddings. The day where two people stand in front of their friends and family – announcing their love for each other, makes my heart melt. I believe love has no boundaries – so I like to promote every kind of wedding possible! Especially when you see two people from different worlds meet and fall in love, and nothing else matters except for their love. It is the most important thing. I have no time for people who disagree with this. I do get more excited when I see a multicultural wedding, east meets west! One of the reasons I started this blog was to make people aware of the popularity of multicultural weddings. People may think “Hey – surely that’s a given?” You would think so, when you have strict family members who can’t see past their traditions, it makes situations very difficult. But I’m here to say – it’s okay and show you the beauty of it! So I am hoping to be a inspirational source for fusion and multicultural weddings, it is my niche after all.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sikh Wedding Kenya | Sikh Wedding Priest Kenya

Sikh Wedding Priest for Interfaith and InterRacial Sikh Weddings in Kenya

Jambo Kala Singha's

Are you looking for specialised Sikh priest who was born in Mombasa, kenya, lives in Canada and offers the most unique Sikh Wedding ceremony, full of music, devotion and meaning. Contact us today to make the wedding ceremony spiritual, not religiously dogmatic.

Sikh bride Kenya

Interfaith relationships leading to marriage, many times without realizing the complexities associated

 Now more and more young people are making friends and engaging in interfaith relationships leading to marriage, many times without realizing the complexities associated with their decision. This message will help Dharmic (Hindu, Jain, Sikh, and Buddhist) young adults to help them make more informed decisions before committing to marry a person of the Abrahamic faiths (Christian, Jew, and Muslim).

Interfaith marriages are becoming an increasingly important topic among Dharmic parents. Personally, when it comes to interfaith marriages, I have seen only a few of them really work out. When a Hindu marries someone of another religion, often the spouse who is Muslim or Christian expects the Hindu to immediately or eventually convert. This may be due to a number of factors that are not always obvious at the beginning of the marriage, such a family pressure, or the birth of children, etc. This is especially the case when a Hindu girl marries an Abrahamic spouse.... Read more here

Planning a Multicultural Sikh Wedding

According to a 2012 report released by the Pew Research Center,multicultural marriages in America have reached a new high of 4.8 million. 

Multicultural Sikh Wedding

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