Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Interfaith Sikh Couple - Parents BEST to marry someone who shares the same faith

 She was silent and she said it's best to marry someone who shares the same faith

Interfaith Sikh Wedding Malaysia
Hope the both of you are doing very well and are good in health. , I'm a Sikh . Let me get to the point on why am I writing to you.

Lately, I've been reading about Interfaith relationships & marriages. I've came across some negative feedback and positive ones. Positives feedback didn't made me felt that confident as stories can be created by anyone who wants it. I felt your Blog was so positive & it gave me hope about having this interfaith relationship. I'm in love with someone who I am so attached with & I can't imagine living my life without her. . Words are never enough to describe how much I love her and how amazing is she towards me.

We are still young and we are yet to build our own life. Chasing goals, getting into the next level & etc. We are 23 years old. My parents are pure Sikh and when my mum got to know that I have a girlfriend who isn't the same faith as my family. She was silent and she said it's best to marry someone who shares the same faith. Well, I don't blame her for that as you know parents are such, eventho the answers that came out made me felt demotivated. But, hey? We are all one after all. God is One. Right? So, I would love to hear some advise from the both of you on how can we lead a happy life in our relationship with no fear of the potential threat that may come in between when we have decided to get married.

Please advise and I would love to hear from you'll soon! On a side note, I would like to thank you for spending your precious time reading my mail. It will definitely mean a lot to me!

Thank you for your lengthy email.  

It comes down to 2 things.
1. follow your heart and live your bliss; or
2. follow your fear, please your social circle and relatives, and live your life for others.
This is the basic message in the Sikh Scriptures.
Nothing more we can add.
All the best!

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