Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Here is a rundown of our Sikh Wedding RATES for the Anand Karaj

Here is a rundown of our Sikh Wedding RATES for the Anand Karaj

Sikh Wedding RATES for the Anand Karaj

  • Sat Siri Akal!  Here is a list of our Sikh Wedding Terms and Conditions:

    • We travel to any destination in the world.
    • We bring the Sikh Scriptures, Manji, Ramallas, and Chandni.
    • We  conduct ALL the Anand Karaj, including the singing of Gurbani Kirtan.
    • The ceremony is conducted in both Punjabi and English.
    • You will provide a complete Sound System for the ceremony and 2 small stages for the altar and for us to sit on.
    • We offer an expeditious  1 hr. ceremony from the time the bride enters the ceremony space till the time Parshaad is distributed.
    • We require a non-refundable 50% payment in advance as a retainer. This will CONFIRM your booking of our wedding services, and will be an agreement with our terms.
    Kindly inquire by email using the Contact Form to find out about our availability and to receive a customized quote for your destination wedding. When we forward a quote it will include our Professional Fee for service, air travel for 2 from Vancouver, Canada (YVR), hotel, meals, and local transfers.
    Please include the following in the Contact Form:
    1) Your telephone number
    2) The city you are contacting us from
    3) The search term you found us with or the referring party
    4) The DATE and LOCATION of your wedding
    It is best to specify your request via email as we travel frequently. We will respond within 48 hours.

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Here comes the anti-bride, Destination Indian Wedding!

Here comes the anti-bride Destination Indian Wedding! !

"She wants real flower dresses and at times, will do the wild thing that no one expects. She won't ask for 600 wedding pictures and choose 60 off-beat ones. She could be getting married on the beach, on the mountain top, even at a historical monument. The idea is going to a destination, inviting fewer people, keeping costs down. The keywords for these brides are: fun and simplicity."

Destination Sikh Wedding

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