Friday, January 30, 2015

Do you have difficulty sitting on the floor at a Sikh Wedding. Here is a solution

Do you have difficulty sitting on the floor at a Sikh Wedding.  Here is a solution 

If you are having an outside the Temple Sikh Wedding or a Destination Sikh Wedding and the Posture Police is not going to be around, it is highly advisable to bring a meditation chair, meditation cushion or meditation stool. All of these products are designed so you are NOT sitting higher then the Sikh scriptures or stage and are within the norms of the accepted tradition/protocol. Your ideal goal is to keep your knees lower then the hips and lower back, sitting pain free.
We wish you happy and peaceful sitting during the Sikh Wedding Ceremony. Remember to bring your own cushion or blanket (BYOB), you will thank us!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sikh Wedding Renewal Vows

A Sikh Wedding Renewal Vow ceremony is a fresh way to celebrate a Wedding Anniversary with a spiritual twist. Find out how you can have a Sikh Renewal Marriage Ceremony.

A couple may plan a Sikh renewal vow ceremony any time in their life. Most couples celebrate for a number of reasons, but ultimately it is a personal choice, usually an upcoming significant wedding anniversary. What matters is that the couple is re-committing to each other and celebrating the years of closeness they have shared together.

sikh wedding renewal VOWS!

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