Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Differences of Sikh Wedding at a Gurdwara vs a Destination

There is a Difference of hosting a  Sikh Wedding at a Gurdwara vs. a Destination, This is what we found.

After approximately 5 years we had a chance to go experience an Anand Karaj at a local Gurdwara in Vancouver,BC, Canada area. We have been conducting weddings at Destinations now for a few years and wanted to go with 'FRESH EYES' to  see what the majority of couples experience during their "Best and Highest" Moment of their lives when the sign up for a Gurdwara Wedding. We are generalizing here and come with a bias but you will find many factors common here.

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  • Guests arrived at random times and lingered here and there waiting for a late and tardy start.
  • Non-Indian guests huddled separately with their peers wondering what was unfolding.
  • Milee Ardaas was epic, lengthy with all the names of deceased ancestors recited.
  • Bharaat arrived and everyone filed in in like cattle for the lovely cholesterol; rich samosas and pakoras - naturally the bottle necking contributed to the late  start of the ceremony.
  • Most guests gravitated to get their spot against "Wall" as they prepared  for the lengthy somber ceremony.
  • Couple and bride arrive 1/2 hr late, while we were serenaded by Kirtan with Ragis continually singing off pitch and rhythm, while guests created a low rumble noise conversing and  catching up with friends and peers.
  • The Temple secretary decided to do his bit by speaking in"panj- English" explaining the entire Sikh Wedding meaning synopsis in 3 minutes
  • The ceremony itself was a quick affair, in autopilot, where the couple zoomed 4 times around the altar with no eye contact.  One of the non-Indian guests commented," are they married now?"
  • Everyone stood up for the Parshaad and were very eager to go down and feast again on the extensive Langar  coated with excessive oil.
  • On cue as expected, everyone B-lines to the couple and their parents to congratulate them, but the wedding party zooms off to get family pictures and everyone leaves to repeat this at  a local Gurdwara wedding .
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