Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sikh Interfaith Weddings Anand Karaj MultiRacial Couples on the Increase in Canada

Sikh Interfaith Weddings  and the Anand Karaj conjures up emotional responses

Yes, Interfaith weddings between Sikh's & Hindus and Sikhs & Muslims were common practice before the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan.  This was one way to way join and keep peace between neighbors.

Today in most part of the world Multi Racial weddings are on the rise and Canadians seem to be the most advanced and tolerant in their thinking.

Obviously, the 'Traditionalist' or the keepers of the Culture, Tradition, Faith and Gene pool are not jumping with joy but most families have one family member who has jumped ship and grown wings - living with a Multiracial companion.

Marrying and Living with a partner from another race still brings the same challenges as marring someone from your own culture. the beauty is that parental and extended family pressures  are VERY different.

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